Wet Sounds JEEP-JL-LVL2-T Jeep JL tower kit includes REV 12 HD HLCD towers, brackets, amp and wiring kit

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Take your adventure even further with the JEEP-JL-LVL2-T kit, whether you enjoy riding around topless or with a hardtop, the Jeep Tower Kit for your 2018-2013 Jeep Wrangler is the perfect addition to our JEEP-JL-LVL1-C package. Designed and engineered for factory fit & finish and features a plug-and-play wire harness, installation mounts and hardware, (1) pair of REV 12 HD HLCD Tower Speakers with XZ-B grilles and TC3-SXM mounting clamps with a SYN-DX4-DSP-OE pre-tuned amplifier that will provide you with the best sounding experience possible for 800W of clean & loud sound. 


Design: All pieces were meticulously engineered to flow with the OE fit & styling. Mounting plates for the tower speakers sit nicely in factory locations. With the included TC3-SXM mounts, you can easily adjust your speaker’s direction, or simply remove for storage or heavy trail riding to avoid damage.


Tower Speakers: The Revolution-HD series adds an even higher level of high-definition performance to the audio industry, bringing unprecedented volume and sound quality to a tower speaker design never achieved before. Built upon the success of the Revolution Series, we developed a new REV TEC™ driver using proprietary materials to provide amazing mid-bass with a smooth yet powerful high frequency response. The REV HD Horn Loaded Compression Driver (HLCD) Tower Speakers have been optimized with audio clarity and high performance at their core. They both feature a Pro-Axial HLCD driver paired with an advanced polymer composite cone for audio clarity and durability. The thermoformed Santoprene™ rubber surround, matched with the injection molded reinforced enclosure, ensures optimal listening in any marine setting. The integrated RGB lighting rings and badge add a nice touch of style, perfect for ambient lighting on the trails.


Power: To get the best sound, you need the best power. Included is a SYN-DX4-DSP-OE amplifier that is pre-tuned to deliver 800W of power to your REV 12 HD tower speakers, eliminating the need for any tuning or adjustment of the amplifier. Mounting is simple, with pre-drilled locations on the sub mounting plate next to core kit amp, your amp will sit nicely tucked away out of site under the enclosure. Also included is a 100A mini ANL fuse for your WWX-FUSE DIST BLOCK under the hood.


Installation: We wanted this kit to be a clean, simple solution, so we incorporated a plug-and-play factory style wiring harnesses that plug right in to your speakers, amp, distribution block, and battery saving you time and labor from cutting and terminating. RGB lighting for the towers is built into the harness and controlled thru the ZENGGE app, available on google play and apple app store.