Rockford Fosgate RFK4D 4awg OFC dual amp complete kit

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This kit includes patch cables and speaker wire for installing two 2-channel or mono amps — you'll need to add cables and speaker wire if you're installing a multi-channel amp along with a second amp.

Your amp needs big power wires in order to deliver top performance to your sound system. Rockford Fosgate's RFK4D amplifier wiring kit supplies everything you'll need to send power and signal to two amps and your speakers. It's designed for amplifiers with fuse ratings totaling up to 100 amperes.

The kit includes two distribution blocks, 4-gauge power and ground cables, 8-gauge power and ground cables, speaker wire, two patch cables, a fuse holder, a 100-amp fuse, and more. Rockford Fosgate makes these cables from 100% pure crystal-oxygen free copper wire so you can count on maximum signal transfer.

Product highlights:
dual amplifier wiring kit
cables meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements
17 feet of 4-gauge power cable
6 feet of 8-gauge power cable
3 feet of 4-gauge ground cable
6 feet of 8-gauge ground cable
20 feet of 18-gauge turn-on lead wire
two 16-foot twisted pair RCA patch cables
30 feet of 16-gauge speaker wire
MAXI fuse holder and 100-amp fuse
two 4-gauge to 8-gauge distribution blocks
assortment of wire termination hardware and cable ties
warranty: 1 year