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Why Get Sound Damping Material?
The noise from simply driving your car is surprisingly loud. Have you ever been driving down the freeway and the road noise is so loud you can barely hear your music, your phone call, or you find yourself shouting your conversations with passengers? Then, by the time you start turning into your driveway you realize that suddenly you can hear your music and passengers more clearly. That annoying and disruptive road noise is not a reality you have to live with, and sound damping material is made specifically to solve those problems.

Your installer can place sound damping material in a variety of places in your vehicle depending on your goals. One common application of sound damping material is in your door panel which helps reduce the rattling and vibrations near the speaker that's installed in your door. Sound damping material can also be placed in the floor, roof, trunk, with every speaker install, on and around loose wires, and in the area between you your engine (ie. the firewall.)

Get the most out of your sounds system by checking out this simple yet powerful automotive product for your vehicle.