MESA M24x17 17ft M2 Performance series twisted 4 channel rca interconnect

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M2 RCA Audio Cables - #1 Selling MESA RCA Audio Cable Line

Step-Up from M1 Line
● Twisted Pair Construction
● BC-5W2 Temp Rating
● UV Protection
● Integrated Strain Relief
● Twisted pair instead of coaxial - notable improvement
audio quality while rejecting EMI-related noise
● Broader applications (car, recreational marine, UTVs, etc.)
● Available in 2 and 4 channel

Ideal for:
● Higher than 2V preamp outputs
● Less than 1kΩ source impedance
● OEM integration preamps
● Systems w/front component speakers
● Any music aficionado




What is BC-5W2 Temperature Rating?

Marine-grade specification heat rating on the
outermost cable jacket (the part exposed to elements)
● Relates to the UL 1426 standard
● 105 ºC / 220 ºF in a dry environment
● 75 ºC / 167 ºF in a wet environment


Ideal for these applications:
● All cars/trucks (audio
quality from twisted pair)
● Touring Motorcycles
● Recreational Marine
● Powersports (UTVs, etc.)