Kenwood P-XW1221DHP Excelon Reference dual 12" 500W 4-ohm subwoofers loaded in vented enclosure

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Excellence from Excelon
Kenwood's Excelon Series mobile audio components feature their highest level of technology in advanced designs that give you the great sound and quality you expect from Kenwood. Their subwoofer enclosures are built to last, with solid enclosures and subs made to kick out the jams.

Subs built to dish it out
The P-XW1221DHP comes loaded with two 12" Excelon Series subwoofers wired for 2 ohms total impedance. Each sub's polypropylene cone features a diamond array pattern to minimize distortion, while the rubber surround and computer-optimized stress-controlled spider keep things on track. The speaker is designed to dissipate heat generated by extended high-powered use, with internal works that direct airflow to avoid overheating.

A box made to take it
The rugged enclosure is built from 5/8" MDF with a 3/4" thick internal baffle to give the subs solid support. The box's slant-back design suppresses standing waves which can interfere with bass response, and allows it to fit neatly behind the rear seat of an SUV. Rounded port corners reduce port noise and airflow resistance. The P-XW1221DHP can be used in front-facing, rear-facing, or down-firing applications. Steel-mesh grilles protect the speakers from accidental damage.

This box handles up to 1000 watts RMS, so you'll want an amplifier with the power to get the best from this enclosure. The P-XW1221DHP is performance-matched to Kenwood's Excelon XR1001-1 amp (sold separately). Whatever power source you choose, you'll get huge bass with the performance and quality you need.

Product highlights:
ported enclosure with two 12" subwoofers
polypropylene cone with "dual area" cap
stress controlled spider
5/8" MDF construction with 3/4" MDF baffle
down-firing design for greater output and more installation flexibility
power handling: 1000 watts RMS (2000 watts peak)
frequency response: 29-300 Hz
total impedance: 2 ohms
spring-post terminals accommodate up to 8-gauge wire
steel-mesh grilles included
dimensions: 35-3/4"W x 15-13/16"H x 15-13/16"D1 x 12-9/16"D2
warranty: 2 years