JL Audio HD-RLC Remote Bass Level Controller Knob

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The HD-RLC remote level controller works with JL Audio's HD Series, XD Series, and MHD Series amplifiers and many marine amps, allowing you to manage your level settings from the front of your vehicle. The HD-RLC adjusts your amplifier's level, not its "bass boost," so you maintain the same bass quality as you turn the volume up and down.

It works equally well with subwoofer and full-range amplifiers, and you can control multiple amplifiers with just one remote by adding standard phone cable splitter (not included). When used with the HD600/4 4-channel amplifier, you can assign it to control all channels, or the rear channels only.

Product highlights:
remote level controller for JL Audio HD, MHD, and XD Series amplifiers
rear or full-range channel assignment with HD600/4 4-channel amp
multi-amp capable (standard phone cable splitter required — not included)
warranty: 1 year