JL Audio DRC-205 Digital Remote Control for JLid compatible products

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Remote control for a JL Audio VXi amplifier
JL Audio's DRC-205 Digital Remote Controller for their VXi amplifiers lets you adjust the master volume, subwoofer level, switch between up to six preset tunings, and indicates the amp's status via LED. Although offered as an option, you'll need the DRC-205 to adjust your system's volume if you want to maintain accurate processing at all levels, and retain your factory system's front-to-rear fade feature.

Better sound for phone calls too
In addition to volume and bass control, the DRC-205 features a Handsfree Optimization Mode that disables the VXi's time-correction and adds a high-pass filter to the audio to clarify the sound when making hands-free phone calls. A multi-colored LED reports the operational status of the processing, so you'll know what's going on from the driver's seat:

Green: system OK
Red: signal clipping — reduce source volume
Amber: Handsfree Mode active

Product highlights:
wired digital remote control
connects to the JLid-CTRL port on select JL Audio amps and processors
works with VXi amplifiers and FiX and TwK processors
will work with MVi amps using an MVi DRC adapter
dual-concentric rotary controls with stops
master and subwoofer volume control
push-button mode/preset selector
amp status indicator (RGB LED)
control functions assignable via TüN software
warranty: 2 years