Escort MAXcam 360c radar/dash camera combo ( model 0100046-1 )

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A connected camera and radar detector in one device
Escort's MAXcam 360c radar detector/dash cam combines two futuristic technologies in one convenient package. One is a long-range radar detector which works with your connected vehicle to provide real-time updates without the hassle of taking out your phone. The other is a 1440p-resolution camera in case you're involved in an accident or other type of incident. Along with these two features, it also displays where the threats are coming from with eye-catching arrows, ensuring you're always on top of the situation as you travel.

HD dash camera
Escort outfitted the MAXcam 360c with a 1440p dash camera with Sony STARVIS image sensors for outstanding image clarity. It offers a 143º field of view to capture all the action nearby, along with enhanced night vision to let you see better in the dark. You can program the camera to record in continuous loops of 1-, 3-, or 5-minute lengths, and it features a Parking Mode to automatically record if something hits your parked car. It'll even let you add date, time, and location info to the videos, and you can capture the audio with the 360c's microphone. A built-in G-sensor locks the most recent video footage in case you're in an accident. Escort includes a 16GB microSD card with the detector, and it's compatible with cards up to 64GB. An included mini-USB cable lets you transfer video content to your computer.

Escort's Drive Smarter app puts you in command
Escort's free Drive Smarter app lets you view a gallery timeline of your dash cam videos, set up advanced safety and security features, receive shared community alerts, and easily manage your device settings. You can view, download, and share your dash cam videos while they're stored safely in the cloud. It also offers updates for road conditions and potential hazards along your route. You can even set up a "Mayday Alert" that automatically sends an email and/or text message to an assigned emergency contact if you're involved in an accident. The app also combines your GPS location information with real-time reports from other app users to keep you abreast of potential threats in your vicinity. You can also use the app to report your own sightings of law enforcement or potential travel hazards, so they're instantly available to other app users.

Ready to hook up with your car's built-in Wi-Fi
The Escort MAXcam 360c's built-in dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility lets it connect with your car's Wi-Fi signal (or portable hotspot, if that's how you roll). You can take advantage of real-time info like updated speed-trap alerts and false alert zones, without accessing the apps on your phone or depending on a Bluetooth connection — the radar detector takes care of it automatically. All you have to do is pair the Escort Drive Smarter on your phone with your vehicle's Wi-Fi signal and the detector once and the detector will automatically remember to activate the app every time you get into your car with your phone. The built-in Wi-Fi also allows the detector to download firmware updates automatically — no need to download them from the web and transfer them to the detector.

Follow the arrows
The Escort MAXcam 360c shields you against X-, K-, and Ka-band radar signals, plus multiple laser threats. Digital signal processing lets this detector sniff out potential issues quickly. Once a signal is found, the arrows on the detector's display will light up so you can know immediately where you can find its source. Escort's advanced sensors now look for the signature of each signal the MAXcam 360c encounters, to weed out false alerts and to get the information to you more quickly. It also features Escort's Traffic Signal Rejection and In-Vehicle Technology filters to keep false alerts triggered by roadside monitors and collision warning systems from nearby cars to a minimum.

Looks cool on your windshield
The MAXcam adds sleek looks to its advanced performance. The dash camera sits at the end of the device, next to the radar antenna array. The full-color OLED display is customizable and easy to read. The easy-to-recognize icons and graphics really stand out on the detector's screen, allowing you to see the functionality of the detector and dash cam at the same time. You'll also get voice alerts in English or Spanish so you can make timely decisions while keeping your eyes on the road. A rotary dial around the arrows allows for quick adjustments to the 360c's volume.

Roadside camera database
The MAXcam 360c comes with a preloaded database of safety, red-light, and radar camera locations across North America, allowing the detector to warn you when you get near. You get a free 90-day subscription with your 360c purchase, and you'll need a subscription to update the 360c's database — update subscriptions are available through Escort's website.

Mark locations
Just tap the "Mark" button to tag locations along the road where the speed limit drops quickly, or where you might encounter heavy enforcement. The MAXcam 360c will warn you when you approach them in the future. Or press the mute button at the location of a known false signal — the detector will remember the signal, muting the alert the next time you pass by. You'll hear an alert if another type of signal comes from the same location. The AutoLearn feature can even lock out false alarms after three encounters with them in the same location without you having to do anything at all.

A generous package
In addition to the 16GB SD card, Escort includes a travel case, an EZ Mag windshield mount, and a 12-volt SmartCord in this package. The SmartCord features smart and coiled sections and allows you to see alerts when the detector's in fully dark mode, or to mute the detector without touching it.

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Product highlights:
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radar/laser detector and QHD dash camera
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS protection, and preloaded database of red-light and radar cameras
EZ Mag windshield mount
also includes 16GB microSD card, padded case, micro-USB cable and straight/coiled SmartCord cord with mute button and alert LED
mini-USB input
color OLED graphic display
headphone jack
1440p QHD Dash Camera:
works with Escort Drive Smarter smartphone app for transfer to smartphone, editing, and sharing
precision Sony STARVIS image sensor
143° field of view
enhanced night vision
continuous loop recording (1, 3, or 5 minutes)
built-in G-sensor detects accidents and impacts and automatically saves recordings
allows date, time, and location stamps on videos
detects X, K, and Ka radar bands (selectable) and Ka-POP
laser protection
digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and Ka-POP
Traffic Sensor Rejection software eliminates false alerts from roadside traffic flow sensors
In-Vehicle Technology filtering eliminates false alerts from collision warning systems
sensitivity modes: highway, Auto (speed-based), and Auto No X
Mute, AutoMute, and SmartMute modes
GPS Features:
red-light and speed camera database access (90-day subscription for updates included with detector purchase)
camera database updates requires connection to a Wi-Fi network (wired updates not available)
"Mark Location" feature remembers points for future warnings
AutoLearn feature remembers sources of false signals and mutes alerts
over-speed alert
Bluetooth Features:
wireless compatibility with Escort Drive Smarter smartphone app for live alerts, device setting management, and video access
Wi-Fi Features:
wireless compatibility with Escort Drive Smarter smartphone app for live alerts, device setting management, and video access
wireless software updates when connected to a Wi-Fi network or in-vehicle hotspot
dimensions: 4.31"W x 1.41"H x 5.19"D
warranty: 1 year