DS18 EXL-P1200X4 4-channel amplifier 200watts x 4

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Blast away your music with extreme efficiency and power with our NEW EXL-P series amps for crazy loud sound that is driven by Korean Power.

Korean amps have been proven time over time to be the best amps if you want pure power driven by high quality parts assembled by our factory that has the longest proven track history. Our Korean Facilities take a more time in the manufacturing process while also using the highest quality parts for the best results. This helps the amplifier live a long life all while producing more than rated power if installed and tuned correctly. These amps are for enthusiasts that accept no compromises for their sound and power levels for car audio

The EXL-P series is made to produce some serious power. These 4 channel amps will be sure to blast your speakers away with high amounts of clean power for maximum sound for your car


High Quality Korean 4 Channel AB amplifier made to make your highs scream at peak power that gives 200x4 RMS @4ohms, 300x4 RMS @2 Ohms, and 600x2 RMS @4ohm bridged.
Precise controls will help you tune your amp to your speakers exact specifications with high pass, full, and low pass filters.
Platinum finished connectors will ensure the highest connection quality available while the Tiffany RCAs will transfer your audio signal with no losses and great sound quality.
The Included level control knob will assure that you can adjust your amps volume with a quick twist to perfectly match your desired volume level if it needs to be changed on the go.

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